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Règles du jeu en anglais ou english rules

Secouriste is a board game, that opposes 2 to 4 players, from 7 years of age, who must help rescue 6 different sets of victims.

Loss of consciousness,
Wounds and
Cardiac arrest.

Collect a maximum of points by rescuing the wounded.
Will you be able to rescue most?… or will you be your opponent’s victim instead ?

Downlaod for free SECOURISTE english rulesSECOURISTE english rules (6.88 Mo)


More than a simple board game SECOURISTE is a comprehensive tool to rise awareness !


How to play « Secouriste » (first-aider) in less than 6 minutes


SECOURISTE - Scoring process

Dear Secouriste (first-aider), welcome.
If you look at this video, you certainly are about to calculate your score after a first challenge.
Are you about to win, or rather become your opponent’s victim instead?
If you’re still trying to understand how to play the game, please refer to our previous video, which explains the rules.